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After her studies in financial, music, classical and contemporary dance she left Sicily for Britain and Spain to form her professional career, training with Wendy Huston, Jill Clark, Russell Maliphant, Siobhan Davies, Loren Potter, Paul Douglas among others, and started with some well known independent choreographers on various projects taking them on tours all over Europe, North and South America. Between 1993 – 1998, she also studied set design, introduction to anthropology, lighting, oriental theatre, dance, movement and martial art techniques in London, Madrid and Barcelona.

Through that she developed a string of personal work collaborating with other dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, video makers and took part on various projects of choreographers such as, M. Murphy, A. Eupierres, O. Dasì, C. Salazar among others.

Between 1995 and 1998 she works at four productions with choreographer Vicente Saez. Some of this projects were sponsored by the Spanish and British governments as well as being produced by companies and institutions such as Canal+, Maison de la danse (Lyon), Hebbel Theater (Berlin), Buhne im Hof (St.Polten), The place (London), Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Maison de la Culture (Montreal), and international festivals such as the SommerSzene Salzburg Festival (Salzburg), Posthof (Linz), Sprachen des Korpers (Stuttgart), SIGMA (Bordeaux), Carlton festival at the Opera house in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil), Szene (Wien) among others.

In 1998 after having played "Carmen" by Bizet for the Malmoe National theatre and the Danshus in Stockholm, she returned to Sicily to assimilate (and digest) all the work realized over the previous years and to concentrate on her own chorographical work.

Productions between 1999 and 2009:

"Burp" 1999 (piece for an adult, a child and fine arts), "I frutti di pomo Pusillo" (piece for three dancers, a violinist and one actress) 1999/2000 and a video-documentary on artistic and cultural situation in Catania, "Inter-detto" 2000.

She has also pushed for local organizations to set up dance and performing art platforms in Sicily.

During the end of 2000 she was in Scotland for a choreographic research core, which inspired "Bi...Sssolo" her 2001 creation. This residence was supported by New Moves (Glasgow) and Ministero degli Affari Esteri (Italian Ministry for foreign affairs) and was held at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow.

"Processing Bbalata", is a project for dance+visuals+sounds+live music, it is the creations she has started developing in May 2002 without any production at the beginning. This work was in fact intended to be created and produced “on stage”. It has had support from many festivals, organizations and theatres from Italy.

From 2002 is also "CADò" (short piece for dance and polemic matters + cuisine), the work has travelled the most to be presented in well known European festivals for performing arts such as Lisbon, Leeds, Paris, Lausanne, Athens, Rome, Milan, Palermo, Polverigi...

During the beginning of 2003 she collaborated with two Tunisian performing artists hosted in Polverigi (In Teatro) and Castiglioncello (Armunia)- Tuscany and Marche regions -.

"KÜL" is a fragment of processing Bbalata that has especially been created, in December 2003, for Carovana (Cagliari) and DBM during the festival-meeting: Il corpo Nel Mediterraneo.

"Spequlazioni picture for a couple" (February 2004), was conceived and performed by Rafael Linares and herself and premiered in Mallorca (Rostoll festival).

In 2005 due to her residency in a social/political centre in Catania these works materialized: "ma l’erba?...non tut", pièce for 9 (two singers, a quartet, 1 duo and a solo), "tanto folle quanto clorico ovvero il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i copernichi", a performing reading of “le fleur bleu” -R. Queneau- translated in Italian by I. Calvino.

2006 "QQ equazione", a collaboration with a performing artist and her daughters, inspired by R. Queneau’s “Exercice de style”.

2006 - quasar – multidisciplinary improvisation meetings concerning actual and real subjects, often “political” ones, where the dialogue is between the different disciplines other than polemics…

2006 -S-batti l’Arte… [AUROra!]-, which is a performing and visual arts event happening in a specific site location involving more than 20 artists of various disciplines, she conceived and coordinated.

2008 “Doc.Á”, an opposite and complementary work regarding previous CADò. "a(U)ction" for Yquasar, piece for a solicitor, a performer and an art curator.

Between 2003 and 2005 she has also performed some professional collaborations with other structures on projects and actions involving art and social commitment. She was also involved in other artistic productions as performer.

At the same time, her last three works were on tour in Italy and also abroad, Paris (La villette), Athens (biennale del mediterraneo..), Leeds (yorkshiredance), Ancona/Polverigi (In teatro), Lisbon (Danças na cidade), Rome (Roma Europa), Castiglioncello (Armunia), Girona (L´Animal a l´esquena), Losanne (Arsenic), Catania (zo-culture), Palermo (Nuovo Teatro Montevergini), Mallorca, Barcelona, Valencia...

Since the end of 2001 she has been applying her energies to set up a circuit for independent dance and music in Sicily resolved in a public rehearsal space for emerging artists in the field of performing art in Catania. She projected some educational programs for adolescents and she also gave many workshops followed by dance, theatre and circus students and professionals.

From 2002 she is invited by international institutions to discuss the dance situation in Sicily/Italy . In 2003 she is selected and invited with a DBM grant, in Lisbon (o encontro) and in Cagliari for a meeting with choreographers and experts of the field from all over the world. Theme of this meetings were cultural diversity, cultural identity and inter-culturalism in the Mediterranean area and the rest of the world. Those meetings marked her future career steps.

In 2008 and 2009 Y+quasar, an interdisciplinary and international action-festival for performing arts in Sicily (of which she is the artistic director) commence, sustained by the Italian Ministry for cultural activities, MIBAC. in 2009 as part of Yquasar "di-Versus" was conceived as a remake of the performing meetings proposed since 2006 under the name ´quasar´.

From 2008 she is hired as an external expert for evaluation of performing arts projects by the Executive Agency of the European Commission (EACEA).

She feels she is a performer first of all, rather than any other professional role enhanced in the past years, therefore in 2010 she decided to move to Berlin to further this part of her life. In there she has developed new ideas and actions regarding performing arts and social, or environmental orientated, commitments. She has kept performing in the international improvisation scene and had developed new sessions of Yquasar in Berlin and in Sicily.

(video) recording cuts resumé from 2000 to 2005

(video) doc.A´ -2008- recording cut

Some words of mine…

In my work Extemporaneousness, intuition and instinct are understood as fundamental instruments for the representation (or non-representation) of the choreographical work. Moreover a formalization of the scenic structure permits, the different disciplines usually involved (video, live sounds, beaus arts, social commitment, etc.), to deal between themselves discovering which guidelines facilitate the communication during the performance.

I fix some reference points to the dramaturgical structure of the evolving work to be able to define, than, the rhythm of it. Besides those elements of construction timing is not pre-arranged/expected, but rather flexible. This approach does not endanger the meaning, the message is chosen to be developed and told. The aim is that to allow the communication between performers and audience to be more reciprocal. The performers I usually involve are other than dancers for example, graphic designer and solicitors, which have been physically involved in my creations.

In other cases I realized that the idea gains importance consequently to a process which produces an amount of consideration on the body, the regard, presence (or non-presence) on stage, public and private ‚stage?, chance, emptiness and togetherness, transgression free of charge in performing arts, non verbal communication, symbolism, ritual and identity, cultural behavior, a moving detail, stillness and its proceeding... negation of thought and action and all what this produces and proceeds in the artistic but especially in the humanistic world. It has to be said that strong physical training other than postural is very much considered in this kind of process.

After all those difficult concepts, reality gains substance through the practice of the performative act. This has been the most difficult thing to materialize even thought I should recognize a certain ‘privilege' in relation to the response I often received. The difficulty is due to the fact that I spent some time in Sicily developing all sorts of activities not just related to what should have been the evolving of my creative work as choreographer, dancer, performer. I have been involved in pedagogical, organizational, administrative, political and social commitment, I had to face lack of proper confrontation in the field, mindless competition, obstructionism, boycotting, all actions translating into non-dialogue.. This disorganization has given me the idea to develop a wide range of actions precluding now and again my performative work. This has made me face myself with insecurity, instability, fears, unfaith and especially with rage! But for sure has made me able to deal in real time with moment and place not only in the performative act but in my entire reality this is what feeds my Art.